Tour Greece like you have never seen it before, with a local guide!  Vasileios is leading a small group of 16 guests through the province of Sparta and Athens.  The trip includes 9 nights in Greece.  During this time we visit medieval time castles, caves, olive groves, citrus orchards, unique cuisines, cooking classes, guided archaeological sites (Sparta, Athens, the Parthenon and Acropolis museum) and most importantly we experience the culture of Greece.  One thing we can say about this trip ... it is Fun!!


Click here            to watch a video from our trip to Greece in October 2014!!


We asked our guests what was their favorite part of the trip!  This is what they answered:

·         Meeting new friends and interacting with you and your family.  Lois and Jerry

·         I can’t pick a single favorite as it was all amazing.  The best part though was the small group feel making for a more personable experience!  Jenny

·         How we were immersed in your culture/country/family.  Julie

·         Seeing the local culture and meeting your family.  Paula

·         Spontaneity; stopping to walk in towns, the shopping after the caves, etc.  All of it!!  The castles, the families we got to meet.  Kristy

·         One of my favorite parts was trying so many different types of food.  It was especially nice to have dishes ordered for us, explained to us, then being able to share everything family style.  Mary


We asked our guests how they would describe their experience to someone else!  They replied:

·         There is not a better way to see Greece than we did in this trip.  Lois and Jerry

·         Beyond incredible.  Jenny

·         Pictures and words can’t begin to describe how wonderful this trip was!!  Thank you again and again!  Julie

·         A great cultural experience that can’t be replicated by anyone other than Vasileios.  Paula

·         Wonderful way to see Greece from multiple ways (Christian, not; family feel, not; Athens; shopping, dinner, tours, crops, sea, mountains).  A great way to see it all.  Amazingly beautiful country with very kind, friendly people.  Kristy

·         It was a one of a kind tour focused on Greek food, family, history, absolutely fantastic!  Mary


We asked our guests what they would change about the trip!  They said:

·         Eliminate the hike to the lighthouse and go to the Neapoli area.  Lois and Jery

·         Not a thing!  Jenny

·         Everything was perfect.  Julie

·         Everything was perfect.  Paula

·         More time at Monemvasia castle.  If you could incorporate your group to help you – like pick oranges or olives … but I realize that is a certain season!  Less shopping “if possible” (i.e. more spontaneous 20 min shopping – less 3 hour shopping).  Add either a toga dinner (Greek like) or some event to talk with the villagers (2 or 3 groups on a city treasure – type hunt?)  Less free time last day to shop in Athens.  Would have liked more time shopping at the small towns.  Like where all the plates and bowls were on that street beginning of the trip.  Kristy

·          I would prefer to start the trip in Athens, end it in Gytheio, simply because the food was better, the pace was slower.  It was so relaxing – exactly what I’d want just before going home!  Mary



June 13th - 23rd 2019:  8 spots available (this trip is during the beginning of the summer season, temperature of 100 F is not uncommon at midday, evenings are still around 70 - 80 F, very low humidity!!)

September 22nd - October 2nd 2019: 8 spots available, very popular time to visit Greece because temperatures are still in the 80s and it is not a busy time.

October 3rd - 13th 2019: 8 spots available, our most popular trip, temperatures in the 70s


Please contact us for the itinerary and additional information.

Cell:  1-920-359-1796