The Farm

Our Family Farm

In 1920, our Great Grandfather planted 70 young olive trees to provide olive oil to meet his family's needs. Today, we cultivate more than 12,000 olive trees in the beautiful Southern Peloponnesus region of Greece. Dry red soil, abundant sunshine, cool sea breezes and a unique natural environment of native herbs (such as wild lavender and thyme)...all of these factors combine to enrich our Paeleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a truly unique color, aroma and flavor.


Growing and Processing Our Olives

ur family olive groves are comprised exclusively of Koroneiki olive trees. The Koroneiki variety of olive tree originated in our area of Greece and is prized for producing olive oil of exceptional quality. Our groves are carefully tended throughout the year. During harvest, we use well-aerated cloth bags to store our olives and make sure they are processed within a few hours from the time they are picked. Pressing our olives immediately after harvest produces the most delicious olive oil. 

We physically oversee the oil extraction process and continuously monitor the temperature. Paeleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a First Press olive oil and is never exposed to temperatures above 92°F. We take special measures to minimize the exposure of our olive oil to air, heat and sunlight...from the moment that its pressed until it reaches our customers.


Most of the olive oils found in grocery stores today are global blends -- the result of mixing olive oils from 2 or 3 different continents. Paeleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, however, comes from a single source: an area of about 15 square miles surrounding the town of Elos,Greece. This important factor produces an amazing difference in taste and quality.


The methods we use to produce Paeleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil reflect our love and respect for the land, trees and environment. One of the goals of our horticultural practices is to defend the natural biodiversity of our land. We work to protect the native herbs, such as lavender and thyme, and other species of flora and fauna that naturally live in our groves.


During the last 5 years, we have eliminated the use of herbicides for weed control and greatly reduced pesticide applications. We have also taken active measures to help restore the native hare population of the area. Some of these measures include establishing a rich food source and sufficient overhead cover for the species.

We use recyclable materials for product packaging and have a "zero waste" policy as our goal, both in our Greece and US operations.