Spring 2013 ... Madison or Greece?

In the beginning of April we moved to Madison and quiet early we were able to see why the word "Madison" brings a smile and a look of longing on everyone's expression!  The weather would be an obvious reason, and I will agree with all those that take note of the cultural diversity, the education, the theaters and the museums.  However, what impressed me was the fact that you can walk on Capitol Square and then take your car, drive for 5-10 minutes and be in the country, surrounded by nature!  

Having said that  ...!

May is practically here and that means I am going to Greece any day now!  I will not stay as long as I would like, but I will get to do things that I love.  This spring's itinerary involves inspecting the olive groves and the orange and pomegranate orchards, selling Valencia oranges, preparing the irrigation and planting two thousand Kalamata Olive trees.  And ... of course ... fresh fish and a glass of wine by the ocean!

Then ... back to Madison!