Grebe's Cooking Class and the Spinach Pie

The recipe below, was presented at the Grebe's cooking class on Monday, Feb 26th 2013.  Please feel free to make comments and share your thoughts!

Greek Spinach Pie

The Crust

2cups All Purpose Flour

2Tbsp Paeleon EVOO

1tsp Vinegar

½ cup & 2Tbsp Water

Put the All Purpose Flour in a large bowl and add 2Tbsp of Paeleon EVOO and 1tsp vinegar.  Rub it between your hands until the flour becomes slightly moist.  Add the water to the flour mix and mix well.  The dough will appear thick.  Place the dough on a clean flat surface and use a rolling pin to open the fillo. 


As you open the fillo with the rolling pin you will see that after a while the fillo gets stuck and does not spread very well.  When that happens you need to sprinkle 1tsp flour on the surface of the fillo.  Turn the fillo to the other side and continue working with the rolling pin.  It should spread easily now.  Repeat if you have to.

Use 1Tbsp Paeleon EVOO to grease the pan.

The Pie

2 Bags of Spinach (rinsed and squeezed)

2tsp white rice

½tsp salt

1tsp Dill weed

2Tbsp Parmesan cheese

4oz Feta cheese in crumbles

½cup Paeleon EVOO

Center the fillo on the baking tray.  Some of the fillo will hang over the sides of the tray (we will use that in the end to close the pie).  Put one bag of spinach on the fillo.  On top of the spinach spread the rice, the dill, the feta cheese and 1Tbsp Parmesan cheese.  Add the second bag of spinach and spread 1 Tbsp of Parmesan cheese on top.  Pour ¼ cup Paeleon EVOO on top of the open pie trying to cover as much of the surface of the pie as possible.  Take the sides of the fillo and bring them towards the center until they meet and close the pie.  Use a sharp knife to make long diagonal cuts on the surface of the pie (make sure you do not cut the fillo that makes the bottom of the pie).  Pour ¼ cup Paeleon EVOO on top of the closed pie.  Bake the pie at 335 F for 1Hr 15Min.  Remove from the oven and serve it hot or cold.