Grebe's Cooking Class and the Semolina Cake

The recipe below was presented at the Grebe's Cooking Class on Monday Feb25th 2013.  Please feel free to give your comments and share your thoughts!

Semolina Cake


1cup Paeleon EVOO

1cup Semolina Flour No1 (coarse)

1cup Semolina Flour Extra Fancy (fine)

2cups granulated sugar

4cups water

1/2 cup raisins

1/2cup slivered almonds

1 lemon peel

1 orange peel

1Tbsp cinnamon

1 cinnamon stick


Boil the water with the sugar, the cinnamon stick, the peel of lemon and the peel of orange until the sugar dissolves.  In a deep pot warm up the olive oil in medium fire.  Add both cups of the semolina flour and stir well until it becomes light brown (for about 7 minutes).  Add the cinnamon, raisins and the almonds and remove the pot from the burner.  Use a small pot or a large spoon to pour the hot syrup onto the semolina mix.  Be careful because the syrup is hot and it may spill when you first pour it over the semolina.  Put the pot back on the burner and mix well until the syrup is absorbed by the semolina flour and the mixture gets thick.  Pour out in a form and let it cool down completely.