Upcoming Olive Crop ... and more!


 When I left Greece four years ago, I was aware that management of my land through Skype would be a challenge.  But who doesn't like a good challenge!  Right????  Well ... let's take a closer look!


 Here is a good example (of a challenge).  Last week I asked person X (who was not in charge of my land) to go take a look at my Olive Grove and Citrus Orchards on the "Rock".  X called me an hour later and said:  "Vassili, I am really sorry, but I have some bad news!  Your olive trees are thirsty and the olives are falling off the trees.  Your Navel oranges are shrank and all the young lemon trees you planted two years ago are almost dead!  They don't have any leaves on!"  

Well ..., naturally, I was alarmed, especially after I had just talked to my worker the previous day and he said everything was coming along great!  So ..., I called my father, asked him to go take a look for me and call me back.  And he did!  He even took some pictures and emailed them to me today.  According to my father's saying and the pictures that I saw, things are not bad at all.  The Olive Trees appear to be loaded, and the Navel Orange Trees definitely have more oranges on them than I expected.  On the other hand, the young Lemon Trees could use a few more leaves and there seem to be a couple of areas where the field is not irrigated properly and that causes stress on the plants.


The whole experience was quite fascinating!  Great expectations followed by a variety of mixed feelings that lead to growth!

However, I still wouldn't trust anyone else to do the pressing of the olives for me.  There is simply too much room for mistakes there!